I’ve Heard from Bill Walsh


In case you haven’t seen the funniest clip of the week, I thought I would just chime in on Danyelle Sargent, the reporter who asked 49ers coach Mike Singletary about his conversation with his mentor Bill Walsh (who happens to be dead) last week.  Great stuff!

Unfortunately this clip was able to be found earlier in the week, but has since been removed from the sites that were showing it.  Apparently the interview was never meant to reach the airwaves.  It was picked up on satellite though and that’s how it got out to the mainstream media.  Word to the wise, if you don’t want to see it on TV, don’t have a TV camera near by.  Meant for the air or not, anything recorded by a TV camera always has a chance to make it to the air.

By the way, Bill Walsh just called from the pearly gates and wanted to say he will be doing some scouting this week for a real NFL quarterback for the Niners.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen