What Football Game Would You Choose?


What football game would you choose?

It’s in the Cards for Arizona Cardinals fan Robert MacDonald who just won the football experience of a lifetime. MacDonald and his Circle of Friends are going “wheels up” on Mon. Nov.10 when they fly via private jet to Glendale to watch Kurt Warner and the Cardinals take on the San Francisco 49ers from the exclusive Alltel VIP suite. As the fourth winner in the Alltel “My Circle Gridiron Getaway” sweepstakes, MacDonald has a few more prizes to come. He will enjoy a special tailgate, a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium and pre-game field passes.

Wow!  Personally, I would go for the home team as well normally.  The Cardinals are number one on the football list as far as venues and teams I’d want to see between college and pro.  However, just to experience the whole package, I would probably go to one of a couple of places.  My wife is a huge Notre Dame game, so I’d most likely chose South Bend as my choice of destination.  Another choice would be a University of Arizona game, however it would be on the road.  I’m a graduate of the school, but not a fan of Tucson AT ALL.  That being said, it would still be hard to give up a Cards game, so if the Notre Dame thing didn’t pan out, it’s all about going on the road with the Cardinals – New England maybe??

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