Looking Ahead to Seattle


It is apparent that times have changed in Cardinals land.  The Arizona Cardinals actually are 3-point favorites this week IN Seattle.  Let me repeat that – IN Seattle!!  Now, some of you will argue that I shouldn’t even be questioning that. Seattle is having a down year, decimated by injuries, and quite frankly have only looked decent on one Sunday in San Francisco.

I say to those who will question my surprise at the spread, just look at what happened on Monday.  I spent a week telling my friends and anyone else who would listen that the 49ers game would not be the blowout most predicted.  I predicted a win for the Cards, but they really struggled and never had the lead in the game until just a few minutes remained in the game.  Now – they did win.  A win is a win and most seasons past, they would have lost that game.  Maybe a corner has been turned.  However, this week, they go to a place where quite honestly, they’ve consistently been embarrassed.  Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselback will be returning to the lineup.  Even if he is gimpy, he can still throw the ball.  They don’t call Seattle home of the 12th man for nothing.  The records certainly say the Cardinals should be favorites, however I must still remain skeptical until this team can learn to win consistently on the road.  Two weeks ago in St. Louis was a good start, but that was St. Louis where there were alot of fans dressed as empty seats.  Win or lose, the Seahawks are the main attraction, especially now that the Supersonics/Thunder have left town.  There is also a rumor they have a baseball team, however those reports are greatly exaggerated.

Take Seattle if you are betting this week.  I say the Cards eek out another one, probably by 1 point.  Just a guess though.  I am no expert or great prognosticator.  If I was, I’d be a rich man.

Go Cards!