Week 11 Predictions


Denver at Atlanta:  Atlanta 28-24.  Matt Ryan is rookie of the year hands down.  Could be a lot of yards in this game.

Detroit at Carolina: Carolina 45-3.  With Duante Culpepper starting this week and Jake Delhomme coming off a horrible 7-27 4 interception performance, no way Carolina comes away with anything less than a demolition of the Lions.

Philadelphia at Cincinnati: Philly 37-17.  Could be a trap game for Philly, but they prevail.

Chicago at Green Bay: Green Bay 23-16.  Could be a close game, but I’ll give the Pack an edge being at home.

Houston at Indy: Indy 35-9.  Indianapolis almost lost this matchup in Houston until Sage Rosenfels happened.  Not this time.  Too much Indy for the Texans.

Tennessee at Jacksonville: Jacksonville 23-10.  This is the week.  Finally Tennessee shows signs of being human and will stop all this undefeated nonsense.

New Orleans at Kansas City: Kansas City 34-19.  Drew Brees is good, but the Saints defense couldn’t stop one person from crossing the Mexican border right now.

Oakland at Miami: Miami 32-9.  Good thing Oakland has Sebastian Janikowski or the Raiders may not score another point this season.

Baltimore at New York Giants: G-Men 21-17.  Game of the week in my estimation.  Baltimore will keep it close, but too much Brandon Jacobs in the end.

Minnesota at Tampa Bay: Tampa 16-10.  A defensive battle.  Tampa gets Cadillac Williams back.  It should be enough with that and being at home to get business done.

St. Louis at San Francisco: San Francisco 45-10.  After watching the 49ers on Monday night and the Rams in New York last week, it’s clear these two teams are heading in opposite directions.  the Niners may have found a great combination in Shaun Hill-Josh Morgan.

San Diego at Pittsburgh: San Diego 24-23. The Chargers need this win and the way Pittsburgh is right now health wise, this might be the best time to catch them in Pittsburgh.

Dallas at Washington (Sunday night): Dallas 24-19.  Tony Romo returns and the Dallas Cowboys return the favor given to them by Washington earlier this season.

Cleveland at Buffalo (Monday): Buffalo 31-23.  Buffalo is too much for Cleveland’s poor secondary.  In Buffalo, in November, on Monday night.  No way for the Browns.