Cardinals Getting No Love


So the Super Bowl odds came out today.  Cardinals have the longest of shots at 50-1.  Sounds like I’m about to go put $20 on the Cards to win it all.  That’ll show em.

By reading the national columns and stories around the country today, one thing is for certain, that there is no expectation of the Cardinals win even one game much less the Super Bowl.  I can’t say that I’m surprised, especially given the Cardinals play against Minnesota and New England in December.  However, they also seem to be written off as a team that beat up on a poor division.  While that may be true on many levels, the fact is, they are an NFL team who did what they needed to do to get into the playoffs, and that’s more than 20 other teams in the NFL wish they could be saying right now.  Don’t fault the Cardinals for playing in the NFC West.  It is what it is.  Sure, the AFC West would have been the only other division they would have on with their 9-7 record, but let’s give them some props.  Celebrate.  Not too hard though.  Let’s act like we’ve been there before.

So what are they saying?  Take a look –

DJ Gallo of says the Cards can’t play defense, can’t run, and have the stigma of being the Cardinals, so it’s no wonder they are 50:1 odds.

Mike Sando of ranks the Cardinals 13th in his most recent Power Rankings.  I’ve thouroughly enjoyed reading his columns this season, however, I’ve got to disagree with him.  Remember there are 12 teams that make the playoffs.  This means a team that did not make the playoffs is ranked ahead of the Cards.  That’s not right.  At least rank them 12th Sando!!

Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says that if there is one place to play on the road in the NFL playoffs, your prayers have been answered if it is Arizona.

John Frascella (JFro) of predicts an Atlanta road victory in Arizona.

Adam Krohn of the Daily Citizen in Dalton, GA says the Cardinals are the least intimidating of the playoff teams

Sean McNally of even rips the stadium’s name.  Here’s something for you too.  Something I wasn’t even aware of till a few seconds ago – this lead blogger for the Fansided Network’s Atlanta Falcons blog – lives in Phoenix!  Seriously!