Eagles vs. Cardinals: What They Are Saying Friday


Here we are,  just two days away from the big game.  The Cardinals and Eagles take the field at 1pm on Sunday and it can’t get here soon enough.  There is not a whole lot of new information news wise, however, I was able to search out more of what was being said about this game and these teams. 

Karen Crouse of The New York Times Fifth Down Blog found a Cheesesteak sandwich shop down the street from the Cardinals practice facility where 80 percent of his customers are from Philly or South Jersey but also caters to Cardinals players who stop in as well.  The owner feels like he will be a winner either way on Sunday.

That’s got to be tough, to be a transplant from Philadelphia, but live here and be a Cardinals fan as well.  I am torn in the same way in baseball, as I grew up a die hard Cubs fan and now I am a die hard Diamondbacks fan.  However when the two play, I am solidly for the Diamondbacks.  I have to cheer for the home team.

Phil Simms, CBS Analyst says that for much of the year the Cardinals were “too predictable”. 

This is true, in many aspects.  Their running plays on offense never changed.  If they run that delayed draw play up the middle one more time, I might pull my hair out.  Over the last couple of weeks though now the Cardinals have their opponents thinking about what they are going to do.

Jim Corbett from USA Today picks the Cardinals to win, even though he picked the Philadelphia Eagles as his pre-playoff NFC Champion. 

He is only one of two individuals for USA Today (out of eight) picking the Cardinals to win, which is more than fine by me.  We’ll see how long the Cards can play out the underdog role.  If they win, expect them to be a dog in the Super Bowl.  Lose, and it makes a lot of people look like a genius.

Go Cardinals!!

Scott Allen