Cardinals Thoughts and More


There are some things that continue to play out as we are one day closer to Tampa and Super Bowl XLIII.  Some thoughts about what people are talking about (and maybe not talking about so much).

Will the Anquan Boldin story go away yet?…Do you get the feeling that Cardinals Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley may not be around long as he is quickly becoming a name being thrown around the NFL as a possible future head coach?  I’ve just realized that if you want to be an NFL insider you’d better be a very old former General Manager or Director of Player Personnel (Charlie Casserly, Floyd Reese, and Gil Brandt)…I should have put $100 down on the Cardinals when they were 50-1 shots in Vegas to win the Super Bowl…I get the idea that Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin does not like talking to the media…The NFL Replay system needs to be revamped…Eagles fans need to give it a break, that fourth and 10 play at the end of the game on Sunday was too close to call it pass interference…I hope the idiots that burned Go Cardinals on Donovan McNabb’s front yard in Chandler get the maximum punishment…Anyone else notice how the former number one team in town, the Phoenix Suns, had their 17 point loss in Boston kind of just shrugged off and buried deep in the local sports news today?…How anyone will be able to afford the entire cost of going to Tampa from Phoenix for the Super Bowl is beyond me (and they say we are in a recession – HA!)…If you haven’t already, you must check out my new favorite sports show on television, Sports Soup.

Go Cardinals!!

Scott Allen