Minicamp Minus Boldin, Dockett


Mini-camp started yesterday with new Cardinals running back Chris “Beanie” Wells.  He was probably able to introduce himself to receiver Anquan Boldin and defensive end Darnell Dockett, however only before practice.  You see, “Q” and Dockett both did show up at the Cardinals facility on Friday.  Both claimed to be injured though and could not practice.  So, coach Ken Whisenhunt said ok go get yourselves MRI’s.  Take that!

I’m sure Q and Dockett thought they would just come out and sit on the sidelines and watch.  Most of us know the real reason why they did not participate, so I think that was an excellent move by Whisenhunt.  He’s not going to play games.  You play by his rules.  The thing is Q is under contract, so he better be careful about how he plays his “cards.”

So, the rich and spoiled got some dose of reality on Friday and I love everything about it.