Chucky Gets Shot at ‘Monday Night’ Booth


Are you ready for some Chucky?

Apparently ESPN is and now you should be too.  Former Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccanneers coach Jon Gruden has been tapped to replace Tony Kornheiser in the Monday Night Football booth for the upcoming season.

I’ve been thinking about this move all morning since I heard the news.  My first thought was indifference.  I thought that this really wasn’t an earth shattering announcement, at least from Kornheiser’s side of things.  He’s hinted over the past couple of years he wasn’t qualified enough to be in the booth.  Mind you the “official” reason for the move was Tony Comb-Over’s fear of flying.  That’s a good one.  I like that.  Listen, I won’t dismiss his fear of flying, but don’t you think if that was the real excuse, he would never have joined MNF in the first place?

Look, fact is, Gruden had no home in the NFL for 2009.  All vacated coaching spots have been taken.  This was the next logical choice.  As for your Arizona Cardinals, they are on MNF only once this regular season in San Francisco, however the Cardinals are the MNF preseason debut game against the Steelers.  I’m going to watch just for that reason.

Fear of flying though?? C’mon Kornholio!  You can do better than that!