Cardinals Fit to be Branded


Show me the money.  It’s just not a line from a fictional Arizona Cardinals wide receiver anymore.

Picked this up from yesterday, did you know that the Arizona Cardinals are the fastest growing sports brand over the past three years according to  Wow!  Who knew?  It seems like the run to the Super Bowl has done something for this team.

However look at the overall picture too.  This is over the past three years.  It seems like the Super Bowl may have only put this team over the top.  They’ve been growing as a sports brand even before that.  Well, when you really don’t have a brand, is it really all that surprising?

It helps that they moved into a new stadium, secured sold out games for three consecutive seasons in a row and looking to make it four, even in this tight economy.  No sugar coating this one.  The move to Glendale has been the best thing for this team.