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Injury Bug Follows Wells from Ohio State to Arizona


Well, that didn’t take long.

The last thing I said yesterday was let’s hope Chris “Beanie” Wells doesn’t get hurt.  Back at draft time, my main concern about him was his knack for getting injured.  I preached that the Arizona Cardinals should look somewhere else for their running back.  Many people shot back saying those were isolated situations and not to worry, as he was the best available at number 31 of the first round.

I had no problem with his ability.  He clearly is the type of back the Cardinals need.  What they don’t need though is someone who is injury prone, especially at a position that was one of the glaring weaknesses on an otherwise strong team in 2008.

As time has past over the past three months since being drafted, I’ve listened to fans, to the team, and to Wells himself.  I’ve heard Wells speak in interviews.  He is very well spoken and quite humbled by the opportunity provided him.  Maybe this was the best overall guy we could get.  However, I still had my doubts about his future based on his injury past.

Wells showed up earlier on Saturday than the team asked him to report.  Wells was anxious to get going.  That’s the type of player I want on my team.  So, he showed up for the morning practice yesterday and what happens?  He gets his ankle rolled up on and ends up with a sprained ankle.  I suppose it could be worse, however he is out for an indefinite period of time and when you are a rookie  each minute lost is a precious one in training camp.

Hopefully he can recover quickly.  Obviously I don’t want him to rush it back and if there is a time to get injured and heal, it’s training camp.  You just hate seeing that especially when you are dealing with a rookie, one who was already two days late to begin with.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen