The Last Sunday


It’s the last Sunday of the year where there will not be any NFL football.  However it is the last Sunday as well to do all the other things you’ve been doing on Sunday’s since February.

It’s the last Sunday to sit and read the newspaper or relax to music while your wife sits in her recliner reading a book.

It’s the last Sunday to take your wife to a movie…you know, the one you promised to take her to with all the smushy gooey stuff guys just love!

It’s the last possible Sunday to say  your team is undefeated.  Detroit, St. Louis, San Francisco need not worry about this statement.

It’s the last Sunday to mow your lawn.  In fact, hire a guy to do it.  Your Saturday’s just got full with college football as well.

It’s the last Sunday to worry about the Arizona Cardinals offense and stew about their lack of production in the preseason.

It’s the last Sunday to go to the park for a picnic – unless of course your vehicle is strapped with Direct TV and/or Sirius Satellite Radio, in that case, you are golden.

It’s the last Sunday to make fun of the Kansas City Chiefs.  They have a real quarterback (Matt Cassel), a real coach (Todd Haley), a resurgent Larry Johnson, but yet still no one to throw to, so you might just want to scratch all that.

It’s the last Sunday you won’t see a punt hit the Dallas Cowboys scoreboard, although when Dallas is out of town, it’ll be a high school or college game as it seems they are hell bent on squeezing every football event into the stadium.

It’s the last Sunday to have money still in your pocket.  If you aren’t at the games, you’ll be at your favorite hang out spending money on over-priced beer, soda, and appetizers.

It’s the last Sunday that your fantasy football team will still all be in tact.  You know one or more of your starters will be out early, leaving you scrambling for a new QB and the only one left seems to be Shaun Hill or Marc Bulger.

Finally, it’s the last Sunday to say goodbye to baseball.  Unless you live in in a city where the playoffs are still a possibility, which they aren’t here in Phoenix, you said goodbye to baseball a long time ago.  Pittsburgh, Washington, Kansas City, Seattle, San Diego, Houston, Cleveland….you all know what I’m talking about.

So whatever you do on this Sunday of a long holiday weekend, make the most of it.  Kiss your child, hug your wife/husband, kiss summer goodbye and hold on to your helmets.  It’s gonna be a great season!

Scott Allen