Cards Face Another Possible Blackout


The Arizona Cardinals are once again face with the possibility of a local blackout when they face the Houston Texans at home this Sunday.

We knew when this game was announced on the schedule, this was always going to be a possibility, even if the Cards had gone into this game 3-0.  With prices higher than ever on Ticketmaster and the fact they are facing an opponent that has yet to gain any kind of national draw, it comes as no surprise there are still 1,500 tickets left.

As usual, they have until 1:15pm on Thursday to sell out or face their first blackout since moving to University of Phoenix Stadium in 2006.  A 24 extension is possible, but I wouldn’t count on it.  I also wouldn’t count on a sponsor snatching those tickets up.  That’s where maybe the Cards and Texans records will come into play.  Stay tuned.

Scott Allen