Division Championship 60 Minutes Away


Revenge.  Division Championship.  Repeat Division Champions.  Monday Night FootballESPN.

Whatever reason you want to come up with, tonight is a huge game for your Arizona Cardinals as they are at “The Stick”, as in Candlestick Park in San Francisco to take on division rival San Francisco 49ers.  The Cards can take whatever reason they want to get up for this game and so can you the fans.  I’ll personally take them all.

The Cards can clinch their second division championship in a row by defeating the team that defeated them in Glendale in week one,  20-16.

A little start, stop and continue for you:


  • Start fast
  • With a lead and hold it
  • Settling for field goals after jumping out to a comfortable lead


  • Frank Gore
  • The passing game and allowing Niners quarterback Alex Smith from getting into rhythm.  He’s only thrown 7  interceptions along with his 13 touchdowns.


  • Offensive line dominance
  • Scoring and scoring often

The  Cardinals have looked at a lot of film this past week of themselves and their tendencies and also from the week one game.  As long as Cards quarterback Kurt Warner and the rest of the offense can limit penalties, especially in crucial moments, and not turn the ball over, they should be able to control both sides of the ball and come out of San Francisco with a win and a NFC West Championship.

Arizona 38 San Francisco 20


Scott Allen