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Bye Bye Boldin


Meet the newest addition to the Baltimore Ravens.  His name?  Anquan Boldin.  That’s right folks.  The long awaited decision on Boldin came down this afternoon according to league sources.

I’m torn on this one.  In one sense, I am very glad this is over.  The saga, which began during training camp in 2008 when Anquan cried over the fact he didn’t get his extension and Larry Fitzgerald did, it seemed we were in for a long season, possibly up to three long seasons given his contract. That being said, to his credit,  Boldin did not allow the contract squibble to carry over into regular or post-season games, although one might suspect his being upset for not being on the field during the 2008 NFC Championship Game against the Philadelphia Eagles had something to do with his current status on the team.

On the other hand, I’m sorry to see Boldin’s Cardinals career come to an end.  He gave the Cards seven very productive seasons, even in the ones where injury took a toll.  I’m a little disappointed that all we got in return was a third and fourth round draft pick, plus we had to give up a fifth round pick.  It almost seems as if the Cards could have done better.  However, this tells me the Cards were likely in a hurry to rid themselves of this headache and allow both sides to move on.

I wish Boldin nothing but the best.  I think he will shine in Baltimore.  Good luck Quan!

Scott Allen