Two More Fly The Coop


Say goodbye to Antrel Rolle.  Say goodbye to Karlos Dansby.

As of Friday night, both of them belong to other NFL teams.  Rolle signed a contract with the New York Giants and Dansby signed with the Miami Dolphins.

Neither one wasted anytime on the free agent market and took the first offer they saw outside of Arizona.  Not a real surprise for either.  Clearly this shows players feel the Cardinals gear no loyalty towards them and ever since the retirement of quarterback Kurt Warner, the Cardinals are proving they aren’t going to do everything it takes to keep it’s team in tact and start building again.

I wouldn’t say the Cards are re-building because they still have quite a number of veterans and stars on this team that are proven winners.  It is quite amazing though the exodus that has taken place since the loss to the New Orleans Saints on January 16th.

The Cards took a gamble with releasing Rolle and they knew that.  They never gave Dansby anything to seriously consider.  I just hope going forward we don’t pick up free agents for the sake of picking up free agents.  I hear Larry Foote from Detroit is going to make a visit.  Hmmm…not sure he is a viable replacement for Dansby.  Then again, will anybody?

Scott Allen