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2010 Academy Award Predictions


Tonight we have the 2010 Academy Awards to look forward to.  With a little help from my wife, who has seen all 10 best picture nominees, I’m adding my predictions for tonight’s awards presentation on ABC.

Best Picture:

The Hurt Locker – supposedly the current front runner.  I know how Oscar voters are and they will marvel all over Avatar, which is visually stunning, but overall The Hurt Locker provides a compelling story and is entertaining to watch.

Best Actor:

Jeff Bridges – I have not personally seen the performance but from the sounds of it, if Bridges doesn’t take this home, that will be like the Detroit Lions winning the Super Bowl.

Best Actress:

Sandra Bullock – This performance I did see and I really liked the movie The Blind Side.  I just wish it wasn’t up against The Hurt Locker and Avatar.

Best Supporting Actor:

Christoph Waltz – There will be no suspense with this one.  He’s won every other award on the way to the Oscars.

Best Supporting Actress:

Mo’Nique – As much as my wife wants to see Vera Farmiga win it, there will be no denying Mo’Nique for her role in Precious.

Best Director:

James Cameron – As my wife puts it “there’s no denying him after he spent 10 years making Avatar”.  She would rather see Kathryn Bigelow win for The Hurt Locker, but she knows where Oscar’s heart lies.

Best Animated Film:

Up – How can you not give it to a film that was nominated for Best Picture?  There is something wrong with the voting system if anything else beats it.

Original Screenplay:

Inglourius Bastards (Quentin Tarantino) – My wife said “the academy will throw him a bone”

Adapted Screenplay:

Up in the Air (Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner) – “The movie told a great story” according to the one in the know.