2010 NFL Schedule Released Today


One of the days on the NFL calendar we all look forward to, the release of the 2010 NFL schedule.

The Arizona Cardinals have some intriguing match-ups this season.  I just hope the schedule makers are kind and don’t stack up road games at the beginning or end of the season, especially the end.

The lucky part is that the Cardinals don’t have to go to New York this year.  No New England.  No Philadelphia.  In reality the Cardinals only have two potential cold weather games, Carolina and Kansas City.  Their games in Minnesota and Atlanta are both inside.  There, they will just need to worry about noise.  Well, we saw how well they handled that in New Orleans in the playoffs.

Speaking of New Orleans, the defending Super Bowl Champion Saints are the highlight of the home schedule.  I would not be surprised to see that one tapped for a national television appearance.  Other national television possibilities include home games with Dallas and Denver.  Of course ESPN likes the San Francisco rivalry, so I wouldn’t put it past them to take one of the two 49ers games on the schedule.  The one road game that could find itself on NBC or ESPN is the game in San Diego against the Chargers.  So, I see a good number of possibilities for national television this season.

The schedule will be released on NFL.com and The NFL Network at 4pm Arizona Time.

Scott Allen