Happy Birthday Pac-Man!


Happy birthday to the yellow chomper, Pac-Man. Today he celebrates his 30th anniversary. If you pay attention to some of the lines in the popular song “Pac-Man Fever” by Buckner and Garcia, it is not all that different from explaining the Arizona Cardinals.

""I'm gonna eat them up as soon as they turn blue""

Of course that sounds like what happened to the Minnesota Vikings last season when they visited University of Phoenix Stadium.  The Vikings turned all black and blue, experienced a couple of injuries and the Cards ate them up for the most impressive win of the season.

"“I’ve got speedy on my tail and I know it’s either him or me”"

You could point to some scenarios from last season.  Remember Antrel Rolle’s returned missed FG for TD in Jacksonville?  How about anytime Beanie Wells attempted to break free?

"“Im gonna fake to the left and move to the right”"

Does that sound familiar Larry Fitzgerald’s fans?

"“Now I’ve got ’em on the run, and I’m hoping for the high score”"

Yeah, that about sums it up for the upcoming 2010 season.  Hope.  Lots of hope.