The Best of the NFC West: Quarterbacks


We at, along with,, and are currently working to come up with the best NFC West players, an “NFC West All-Star Team” if you will.

Today we look at the quarterback position.

Arizona Cardinals: Matt Leinart

Leinart takes over for Kurt Warner and doesn’t have many career stats to back him as an “All-Star”.  He’s far from it, but he’s who Arizona has now.  He has 14 career TD’s and 20 interceptions.

Seattle SeahawksMatt Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck’s career has taken a sharp downturn the past couple of seasons thanks to injuries.  However he is a 3-time Pro Bowler with a lifetime rating of 83.3.

St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford

He could end up truly being the All-Star of the group.  He is a former Heisman winner who is getting ready to play in his first NFL season.  Don’t be surprised to see him as the starter in St. Louis this season.

San Francisco 49’ers: Alex Smith

Forget David Carr.  Alex Smith is going to get another shot at this.  He doesn’t have much to write home about career numbers wise, has a lifetime rating of 69.2, 37 TD’s, 43 interceptions.

My take:

If you go on past numbers and overall best quarterback, you go with Matt Hasselbeck.  If you are looking at the future, it could be Sam Bradford.  Unfortunately with Leinart and Smith, the most you’ll probably ever hear about them will include the word “potential”.  They have all the potential in the world, they just don’t utilize it to their greatest abilities.