Preseason is No Football for Schmucks


If you think preseason football is boring, doesn’t count for anything, then think again.  As the Arizona Cardinals prepare to face the Houston Texans tomorrow night, there are about about 75 guys fighting for a job.  That’s something that counts.

Sure, Matt Leinart,  Beanie Wells, Larry Fitzgerald and other starters, don’t have much to worry about other than making sure they don’t get injured during the small amount of playing time they will get.  It’s the people like quarterback Max Hall or quarterback John Skelton.  Guys like receiver Stephan Williams or cornerback Trumaine McBride.  Those are the guys that know tomorrow night counts.  Counts worth every second of time they step between the lines.

You don’t want anyone to get hurt of course, but for some of these guys, they are going to have to go all out as if it were the regular season.  They have to.  This may be their only chance to show what they have in a game situation.  Sure, some will get another chance.  Fail now though and you might not get another look come next week against Tennessee.

Imagine if they shorten the preseason like the NFL has been discussing for awhile and quite frankly many fans, like myself, are pushing for?  That would make the first preseason game even that much more important.  As it is right now, it’s important enough, that’s for sure.  Jobs may be won, they may be lost tomorrow night, but that is the NFL for you.  If you want to draw a weekly check in the NFL from September until January and you are on the bubble, now is the time to raise your hand, say “put me in coach” and leave nothing on the sidelines.