Training Camp Gets Ready to Break


Flagstaff, it’s been fun.

For the Arizona Cardinals, that time has come.  Time to pack up the dorm room and head back down the hill for good.  Not a second too soon for many who own a home and have a family here in the Valley.  Not that it was a rough camp, as coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t run what many would consider a boot camp. Camp ends tomorrow.

Hard to believe that it has been three weeks already, however it is time to go to Tennessee for Monday Night Football and return to finish out the preseason in the heat at their Tempe facility.

There are pros and cons for having practice in Tempe versus Flagstaff.


  • For many, you get to sleep at home in your own bed
  • Easier to breathe in the lower altitude
  • A regular-season mentality starts to set in


  • It’s hotter than the surface of the sun here in the Valley
  • Not as much time to bond off the field
  • Fans can’t attend practice

Whatever a players favorite choice is, one thing is for sure.  The break of camp means the regular season is right on the horizon.  I can’t wait!