Dockett Gets an Extension


Hugs everywhere!  Darnell Dockett will be a Cardinals player for a long time coming.

Arizona Cardinals DL Darnell Dockett has signed an extension with the team.  It is reported to be through 2015.  That sounds like Darnell Dockett will be with the Cards for a long time.  Clearly if this had not happened, Dockett was going to go elsewhere.  That would have been a shame.

Dockett is one of the hardest working players on and off the field.  He is the ultimate player.  He is worth all $47 million he will receive with this new contract.

I will say this, the Arizona Cardinals had us going and I question the timing of the press conference given everything else going on right now with the club and on going rumors swirling Matt Leinart.  Either way, this was good news for Cards fans.