Beanie Limited in Practice


I don’t know whether to take this as good news or bad news.  Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells did practice today.  However he was limited.

To me, in order for the Cards to have a chance this week against the Atlanta Falcons, we need Beanie Wells in the backfield.  Nothing against Tim Hightower, but if we have a strong two-headed monster against what is sure to be a fired up defense in their home opener, Wells needs to do everything he can to play on Sunday. LaRod Stephens-Howling did a commendable job this past Sunday, but he isn’t the answer to helping the Cards win in Atlanta.

Hightower put the ball on the ground twice on Sunday, one fumble, although replay showed the ground probably caused the fumble, put the Cards in position to almost lose the game in St. Louis.  Now, that’s not to say Wells isn’t fumble prone either, however, Wells seems to have better burst of speed, especially outside the tackles.  He can also pound.

We need more of a balanced attach on Sunday, in my opinion, in order to have a chance.  If there is no balance, that leaves Cards quarterback Derek Anderson to toss the ball up 41 times like he did this past weekend.  The Cards threw 41 passes against St. Louis, to only 21 rushes.  The Cards need a better balance in order to success this weekend in Atlanta.

Hopefully Wells can see more action in practice over the next couple of days. The Cards can’t afford the kind of balance they saw in St. Louis.  If you see a 41-21 ratio again, that probably means the Cards are trying to come from behind.  No good!