Best of Today’s Cardinals Tweets


Here’s a look at some of the best tweets of the day on Twitter from your Arizona Cardinals:

afan66 (Alan Faneca): Just checked in the hotel in Atl.  My room smells like that crap they spray after they smoked in it

I know that smell.  Just where they staying?  Best Western?

MdKomar22 (Max Komar): What’s going on tweeps?  Made it to Atlanta safely..watching the southern miss vs. Kansas football game

So that’s as good as it gets in the hotel room huh?  Wow.

ddockett (Darnell Dockett): I got fined $5,000 for tweeting inside 90 minutes of kickoff.  And the reporters/media are just now knowing they late as hell LOL!

and he tweeted later that he plans to establish a second secret Twitter account so he can be heard anytime he wants.  Let me know how that works out DD!  I guess though when you now have the kind of money you do, it doesn’t really matter if you get fined or not.  $5,000 to you is like $0.50 to me

jayfeely (Jay Feely): 10 yrs ago I was an undrafted FA w/ the Falcons going on my first road trip to play the Cardinals. can’t help but to reflect on my career

Nice to see Jay go kick somewhere he feels comfortable.  Now go kick us a lot of extra points this Sunday!!