At Least the Cardinals Are Not the Cowboys


The Arizona Cardinals may be 3-5.  They may be a game behind the St. Louis Rams of all teams.  They may be on a three-game losing streak.  The one thing they are not, they are not Dallas Cowboys.

Sure, the Cards blew a 24-10 lead lat in the fourth quarter yesterday against the Minnesota Vikings.  Yeah, there is a better secondary defense on the local Pop Warner team, however, the Arizona Cardinals are not the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys quit on themselves, their fans, and their coach last night in Green Bay against the Packers.  That was clearly evident.  It’s one thing to be 1-6, but another to be 1-6 and lose 45-7 to Green Bay, a team with some issues of their own.

The Cards may not have Kurt Warner, but they don’t have Jon Kitna either.  Did you see the passing stats last night?  They only had 87 yards of passing going into the fourth quarter last night.  Derek Anderson was not the reason the Cards lost yesterday.  In fact, DA didn’t turn the ball over once yesterday, although he did get lucky on one pick that got overturned.   The Cards are not the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cards have lost two nail biters over the past two weeks.  The Cowboys have lost 35-17 at home to the Jaguars and 45-7 to the Packers on the road the past two weeks.  The Cards are not the Dallas Cowboys.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt may not always seem to make the right play call, however he has a sense of knowing what he is doing.  One could argue he should have been more honest about Beanie Wells’ status yesterday and handled the Matt Leinart situations in training camp better.  The players still like Whisenhunt though.  The Cowboys fired their coach Wade Phillips today.  The Cards are not the Dallas Cowboys.

Leave it to Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic to think the Arizona Cardinals quit yesterday.  That wasn’t the case.  Brett Favre was simply better than anyone that could cover in the secondary yesterday.  Period.  Winning on the road is tough and the Cards have been known a time or two to lose composure in loud stadiums on the road.  They did not quit yesterday.  The Cowboys did though.  At least the Cards are not the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cards still have a shot at making the playoffs.  The Dallas Cowboys already started making their off-season plans.  That much was clear in green Bay last night.  Again, I say, the Cards are NOT the Dallas Cowboys.  Things can always be worse than you have it.