Cards Defense Needs a Major Adjustment


The Arizona Cardinals defense apparently stayed at home on Sunday, because I sure didn’t see them on the field against the Kansas City Chiefs. They looked uninspired, especially in the fourth quarter of the 31-13 loss.  It’s funny, you look at the stats and the defense’s uninspired game really doesn’t show up in the stats, but we know what really happened on the field.

Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe caught six passes for 109 yards and two touchdowns.  On his 38 yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter, he looked more wide open than the Grand Canyon.  Running down the field, it appeared as if several Cards defenders just gave up on the play.  That is unexcuseable.

Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt may have the answer as to why it looked that way when asked about his team’s play after the game.

"We are not really a confident team right now"

That seems to be an understatement and it all starts with the defense.  The Cards had no turnovers on offense.  None. However the defense didn’t create any turnovers either though and that was the difference.  They couldn’t stop running backs Jamaal Charles or Thomas Jones either on the run.  Where will the Cards conjure up any confidence for the rest of the season?  I’m afraid it’s only going to come with a win.  They have four of their last six games at home including divisional games against St. Louis and San Francisco.