Cards Starting to Lose Compsure, Down 21-6 End of Third Quarter


The Arizona Cardinals were moving the ball, but leave it up to the them to beat themselves.  Derek Anderson had a fourth down play and Kansas City called a timeout.  Only, no one on the Chiefs heard the whistle and hit DA.  Then DA got up and threw the ball, got an unsportsmanlike penalty and the drive was dead.  It’s been that kind of day as the Cards are down 21-6 headed to the fourth quarter.

There is no comeback in sight today folks.  in addition to beating themselves with penalties, the Cards just seem to be playing uninspired football.  That’s what happens when you aren’t very good.  I thought the Cards had better character, but clearly there is no focus on either side of the ball today.

Although this isn’t exactly the blowout I had expected, not yet anyway, this game is pretty much over.  There is no reason for us to believe at this point that the Cards will all of a sudden turn it on and play inspired football.  So another week is almost over.