Another Disappointing Cardinals Loss


There are no more ways to describe just how bad things have gotten for the Arizona Cardinals this season.  I could easily have just ran a copy of a post I ran earlier this season and inserted here thanks to another disappointing loss, this one maybe the most disappointing of all, to the now 2-12 Carolina Panthers, by a 19-12 score.

Rookie John Skelton made his second career start, but was outplayed by Panthers rookie Jimmy Clausen simply because Clausen got a touchdown pass and didn't turn the ball over, as Skelton did twice with an interception and a fumble.  Skelton didn't play horrible, but the Cards couldn't run the ball and couldn't seem to get Clausen to make any mistakes.

Jonathan Stewart was the Cards killer again.  As has happened in previous losses to the Panthers, the difference was the Panthers running game.  Stewart ran for 137 yards against the Cards.

There is no more sugar coating, no more hope for this season.  Now the focus needs to be on evaluation for 2011 season and hope to finish out with a couple of wins.  After Sunday's game, it looks as if the Cards are going to have a hard time finding another win until next year.