Skelton Gets One More Chance to Start; Kolb Might be in Future Plans


The quarterback situation might get very interesting here soon after the season ends.  Current starter John Skelton could be seeing his last game as a starter for the Arizona Cardinals.  If you want to see who possibly might lead the Cards next season, just watch the Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles game this afternoon.

Skelton will get his fourth start this afternoon against the San Francisco 49'ers.  He is 2-1 as a starter so far and has thrown one touchdown pass and one interception.  However, this morning on The NFL Today, Bill Cowher said he thought the Cards would trade for current Eagles backup Kevin Kolb, who started the season as the starter before getting injured and giving way to Michael Vick.

It's not a thought that hasn't crossed my mind or the minds of other Cards fans.  However this is the first time it has been publicly verbalized by someone on an NFL show.  It is not a surprise his name has come up this quickly though as many teams down this year will immediately start looking to improve for the 2011 season.

I wouldn't mind seeing what Kolb could do for the Cards.  Are there many better options as far as veterans go?  Maybe, maybe not, but the Cards have to do something.  If Skelton impresses again today, he could go into 2011 as the backup.  Otherwise it will be time to figure out who in the draft can help.