Cardinals Positions of Need


A quarterback isn't the only need the Arizona Cardinals have going into the off-season.  They have plenty of other needs.  Problem is, which one deserves the most attention?  Is it quarterback?  Is it linebacker, defensive secondary, or offensive line?  They could all use upgrades quite honestly.

If you look at certain mock drafts out there, not everyone thinks the Cards will upgrade by going quarterback first, so they have them using the fifth pick in the draft at other positions.  While in theory I do not disagree with them, I still think the quarterback should be the main priority.  Yes I realize Andrew Luck is not out there, but the Cards were never getting him in the first place.

This is a quarterback driven league, let's be clear about that.  As bad as the Cards were defensively in 2010, if they even had a half decent quarterback, they easily would have won several more games and won the NFC West.  The Cards created enough turnovers to make a difference.  Unfortunately the lack of an adequate quarterback made even more of a difference.

Cam Newton seems to be the popular choice right now, but after watching him in the big game last Monday, I'm not sure you waste that fifth pick on him.  He should still go high, great athlete no doubt.  However he would seem a better fit, to me, for a team that can take it's time developing him into an NFL-ready quarterback.  The Cards unfortunately do not have that luxury, at least not as the current roster stands.  Of course if they pull off a great trade and get a quarterback who can adequately fill the starter's role for a couple of years and mentor a guy like Newton, then I'm all for it.