If Sputnik Brought Down the USSR, Then the Super Bowl Brought Down the Cards


The other night during President Obama's State of the Union address, he brought up the evolution of Sputnik and what it did for the space program in the Soviet Union.  Then he talked about NASA and what is has done for the space program in the United States.  Then, came along Sarah Palin.  Today, she said that Sputnik led to the destruction of the USSR.  She said Obama has no idea what he is talking about.

Well, sorry Ms. Palin, if you truly believe that, then Arizona Cardinals fans must also believe the Cards participation in the Super Bowl two years ago has also led to the downfall from NFC Champion to cellar dweller in the NFC West.  So, in other words, not really.  Try again.

The Cardinals downfall had nothing to do with the Super Bowl.  In fact, it probably did the opposite.  It heightened our expectations for the franchise going forward, so much so that when they finish say, 5-11 and last in the division, we think the world has come to an end, or at least the end of the tunnel is dim with the light fading.  Three or four years ago, 5-11 was what was expected.  Granted the environment around the franchise was different back then.  Are we worried we are headed back there?  I wouldn't, just yet.

The roster still is about 30-40 percent full of those that participated in the big game.  Being in that game hasn't brought down the Cards to where they are now, but they do need to learn to live with the expectations.  Now that they've had their first down season since the Super Bowl, they need how to learn deal with expectations and fix things to get back to where they are competing for a playoff spot every year.  They are in the perfect division to do that.

That all starts with the hiring of smart coordinators.  This may end up being one of the most important off-seasons in the history of the franchise, at least since they have been in Arizona.  Oh, and let's draft the right players too!  That kind of helps.