Combine Probably Doesn’t Change Cardinals Minds


As far as I am concerned, the NFL Combine is more of an afterthought this year, especially with the labor strife continuing.  However, the show goes on, but how much the Combine changes the minds of what the Arizona Cardinals want to do remains to be seen.

Everyone is making their best guess as to what the Cards will do, especially early in the draft with the number five pick.  I've made two of my best guesses so far, but that's just it, they are just guesses.  Someone will really need to wow in order to move up the depth chart on the draft list.

We all know what the Cards needs are, most notably at quarterback.  That's apparently not necessarily the direction the Cards are thinking of going in, at least if you listen to some experts.  What do the experts know though?  I trust Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay about as much as I do Charlie Sheen going home sober from a bachelor party.

Even when someone does wow, those guys usually drop a bit by the time the draft actually occurs.  Just keep this in mind, any good performances this week does not always translate into a decent draft pick or any draft pick at all.  Pay attention, but with caution.