The question about tonight's The question about tonight's

Taking Time Out for the Oscars


The question about tonight's 83rd Oscars has to be will it be as much a foregone conclusion that Colin Firth will win Best Actor and The King's Speech will win Best Picture as it was the Arizona Cardinals were going nowhere fast early on in the 2010 season?  As much as I enjoyed some of the other films, I think the Oscars are a forgone conclusion.

I have not seen all the movies and have not seen the favorite The King's Speech.  My prediction is that it will walk away with many awards this evening.  I have also not seen The Social Network, which might be the only movie to give King's a run for its money.

I have seen The Kids are Alright.  Some great acting in that film and would not be surprised to see Annette Bening win for Best Actress, although I think Natalie Portman takes the award for her role in Black Swan, yet another film I have not seen.

Now I have seen Toy Story 3.  That will win Best Animated Feature, but will not have snowball's chance in the Best Picture category.  I think there is a better chance that Derek Anderson comes back as the starter for the Cards in 2011.  So, I'm saying there is no chance.

Best Supporting Actress should go to Melissa Leo.  My sentimental favorite is Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit, a movie I saw and LOVED.  Best Supporting Actor should go to Christian Bale.

It's almost show time, so go enjoy!