As the Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Turns


So which rumor do you believe?  The one where Donovan McNabb is coming to Arizona?  yeah by the way, let's put that one to rest, he isn't coming here.  The Arizona Cardinals are NOT interested.  Do you believe the Marc Bulger "understanding"?  Yeah, me either.  The Carson Palmer rumor?  Don't believe that one either.  Cincinnati isn't trading him. So any others?

Yeah, now today a new rumor.  The Cards are interested in Denver Broncos quarterback Lyle Orton.  Oh I mean Kyle Orton.  You can tell my affection for him right off the bat.  I think I'd keep Max Hall over Orton.  If Orton was THAT great why isn't he in Chicago?  Why is Denver considering Tim Tebow over him.  Yeah, thought so.

Oh and let's not forget last but not least, the Philadelphia Eagles Kevin Kolb, who as recently as two days ago was all but a sure thing to be traded to the Cards.  We have more quarterbacks coming here than days gone by in the NFL Lockout.  That's a lot.

For what it's worth, I have a stronger opinion as to who isn't coming here than as to who is coming here.  McNabb?  No.  Bulger?  Unlikely. Palmer?  No idea.  Orton?  I hope to God not.  Kolb?  Expensive but probably the biggest upside.