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So They Say Kyle Orton Has Moved Out


You know it’s a slow NFL news day when the big news on is that Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton has reportedly moved out of his Denver-area home.  My reaction?  Who cares!  It means nothing other than he has moved out, period.

Of course all this Kyle Orton news is predicated on the idea that he might be the next QB for the Arizona Cardinals.  I still don’t see it happening and I still don’t get why everyone is high on him like he was the next coming of Peyton Manning?  Ok, so he can play the position and he is mnuch better than what we have right now, but still?  I just don’t see it.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll get the news Matt Hasselbeck had tacos for lunch, which in turn must mean he loves mexican cuisine, so that must mean he is certainly headed for Arizona.