It’s about that time


Any true football fan knows the feeling. It’s the feeling that you get in the middle of July when you’ve suppressed your passion for football about as long as you can take it. This is the time when you can typically take a gasp and let the air out because you’ve been holding your breath since the off-season began—with the exception of a brief taste in April for the NFL Draft. This season has been a little different because of the lockout and subsequent lack of off-season activity. The silence is deafening. It’s the trades, free agent moves and rookie negotiations that help us survive the months leading into training camp. With the lockout in full effect, it’s just not wise to get too excited about anything until both sides come to an agreement and we’re back to business as usual. As of now everything is pure speculation. When players and teams are prohibited from negotiating, how valid can any of the rumors be?

Beat the heat
At this point it’s still unclear whether the players and owners will come to an agreement in time for the teams to head out to their respective campsites. Here in Arizona, Cardinal fans look forward to the annual pillage up to the cool pines of Flagstaff. Training camp in Arizona represents a great opportunity for fans to get a glimpse of this seasons squad and escape the relentless summer heat in the Valley of the Sun.