Cards Still in Holding Pattern


Just like the rest of the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals wait along with everyone else to see what the players will do this weekend, if anything.  Depending on who you believe, they may be meeting, they may be reading a copy of the new CBA, or they may in China sight-seeing.  Well, at least in Chinatown, based on some players tweets, you’d think they were homeless.

Amazing to me the players continue to argue that what they are looking at is stuff they didn’t agree to.  I have a hard time believe the owners, who I don’t completely agree with either, would have put forth a CBA document for all the world to see if it wasn’t something the players had already agreed to.

The big issues?  The opt out clause after seven years and re-organizing as a union.  I find it equally as unbelieveable the players are holding things up for those issues.  You know what though?  It’s their league.  It’s their paychecks they are missing.  I still get mine.  So, let them sit and sulk about the idea they think they were, as one player put it, “bamboozled”, by the owners on Thursday.  Whatever.  Get over it.