Still No Braylon Edwards in Arizona


The Arizona Cardinals are doing this right in their search for a number two receiver.  Having spent all weekend with the rumors the Cards were interested in receiver Braylon Edwards and that the feelings were mutual on Edwards side, it would have been easy to get things done fast.  However there is some baggage to be dealt with.  We all know about Edwards inconsistency on the field and his issues off the field.  He is not normally the type of guy the Cards will go after.  Then again though, these aren’t normal times.

After a four plus month lockout, the NFL condensed all the off-season activity within a four to five day period and it is still going on, although it has slowed a bit given the fact now all teams have started training camp.  Edwards, for what its worth, is a guy I believe the Cards should take a chance on, but not without doing their homework first.

I say sign him to a one or two year deal and see what the man can offer.  There was even word that Larry Fitzgerald went to team management to lobby for the Cards to sign him.  Now, that’s saying something.  He realizes what a commodity Edwards could turn out to be on Sunday’s, taking pressure off of him.  If it will happen, I imagine it will happen soon, but the Cards did the right thing by not rushing this decision.  Hopefully a decision will be made soon.  The Cards still lack a number two receiver.  If it isn’t Edwards, they had better have someone else in mind.  Time will get short on them soon.