Cardinals Lose Out on Braylon, Probably for the Best


Free Agent Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards signed a one-year contract with the San Francisco 49’ers this afternoon worth a reported $3.5 million.  Edwards had been a target of the Arizona Cardinals, who wanted to slot him in as a number two receiver.  Now, the 49’ers can do that.  great pickup by them, however, losing out on Edwards is not necessarily a bad thing.

Edwards definitely is a number two receiver, no doubt.  I think he would have fit in with the Cards offensive system.  Problem is, had they signed him, they probably would have overpaid what they could spend and in the long run would have been detrimental to the team, Larry Fitzgerald in particular.

Sure, the Cards could have signed Edwards to the same deal.  In fact, the one-year deal is most likely what the Cards were looking for.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, the Cards needed to save some money in order to extend Fitzgerald.

Now the Cards can go out and see what else is available.  No need to rush the decision.  You don’t want to end up overpaying for a guy and that’s why the Cards waited on Edwards before they were beat out.  Of course the sooner you get a new receiver in house to learn the system, the better.  However the Cards can work with what they got while they go look for someone else. Who that guy is, right now, not many rumors out there.  One decent guy, Malcolm Floyd, could be the guy, but it is rumored he is looking for close to the same deal Edwards got and for now, that is just not feasible for the Cards.