Quit Complaining, Fitz Will be an Arizona Cardinal for Life


Just stop.  Anyone who’s complaining that Larry Fitzgerald got overpaid in his extension, turn in your Arizona Cardinals fan badge right now.  Please. Oh, and hurry.  Not everyone is complaining mind you, but I have seen some comments and even a blogger post that complained that the Cards are now worse off than before.  Say what?

You don’t know football if you are complaining.  As far as I am concerned Fitz is worth every penny and more.  The worry of course is that his contract keeps the Cards from getting better at other positions.  I disagree.  In fact, his contract saves some other guarantees that were in his previous contracts.  His new extension is friendlier to this year’s cap.

I guess you can never make everyone happy.  People complain when the Cards don’t spend money and there are complainers when they do.  Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t.  It’s like the weather guy who complains when it is 70 and considers it too cold and wishes for warmer weather and then when it hits 100, it’s the same weather guy who can’t wait for it too cool off.  I mean, really?

So, for the record, I am all for the extension.  It saves the Cards from losing Fitz for nothing after the season.  It saves us from having to deal with it all season long.  It also most likely keeps Fitz as an Arizona Cardinal for the rest of his career.  Who wouldn’t want the best NFL receiver on their team??