Five Questions For Broncos Predominately Orange Blogger


This week I asked five questions of Denver Broncos blogger Kim Constantinesco ahead of tonight’s game between the Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals.

Raisingzona:  Just how did Tim Tebow go from starter to third string so quickly? I thought coach John Fox was in love with the guy?

Predominately Orange: I wouldn’t say Fox was in love with the guy.  He maintained there would be an open competition in Denver but people refused to believe him because Tebow started the last three games of the season and showed so much potential.

RZ: Are you disappointed Kyle Orton Was not traded to Miami?

PO: No, Orton is a great quarterback and the Broncos will utilize his strengths to move the offense down the field effectively.  I think once the team gets into the redzone, Fox will elect to use Tebow more.

RZ: John Fox brings years of experience with him to Denver.  Will his coaching, can his coaching be a difference maker and improve the Broncos over a dismal 2010 season?

PO: I think the  Broncos will be an improved team because of coach Fox.  Training camp had a more serious undertone this year and the guy is so well respected. That piece was missing last year when Josh McDaniels was the head coach.

RZ: Any chance that if Orton fails miserably and Brady Quinn can’t do the job that the Broncos skip over Tebow and bring back John Elway to the field seeing as he is already in the front office?

PO: Elway is so respected in Denver that if he were take the field at age 51, there wouldn’t be too many grumbles from the crowd. Ealway has always been heavily involved with the team, attending training camp everyday, and really taking place as the face of the franchise again.

RZ: What is your prediction for the Broncos this season?

PO: At best, 8-8