Cards Secondary Needs Better Day Against Grossman


Ok, Can Newton got his, although he lost.  If Rex Grossman gets his on Sunday just as Newton did against the Arizona Cardinals secondary, the result will most likely be much different on Sunday against the Washington Redskins.  In fact, it might be worse.  Hopefully the Cards have a better game plan for this weekend.

Newton, who threw for 422, a record for an NFL quarterback in his debut, shredded the defense.  There were open receivers all day long.  Now, guys like Steve Smith made some great catches, but then again so could you and I with it being 20 yards between you and the defender.  From the sounds of it though, coach Ken Whisenhunt was not too concerned at this point.  To me, it is concerning, but to a point I agree.  It is only week one after a shortened off-season after all.

It can’t be allowed to continue at this pace.  There are certain teams that gave up 400 yards passing that can overcome 400 yard passing weeks by the opponent, say like the New England Patriots , who gave up over 400 to the Miami Dolphins Chad Henne on Monday night.  Not the Arizona Cardinals.  They don’t have the fire power like the Pats do to overcome that every week.  Let’s remember, it was the Panthers they got away with the poor defense on this week.

I won’t ride them too hard yet.  Just as I like to see consistency when positive things happen, same goes for the negatives.  Can’t dwell too much or too long on the negatives.  You have to give a team a chance to improve, especially when said team won the game in which is being analyzed.

The Cards will have their say this Sunday.  Let’s just hope they have a lot more positives to say about the secondary on Sunday afternoon when all is said and done.  Washington will have regular season tape of this team, a luxury the Panthers didn’t have last week.  Stay positive though, anything can happen in this league.