Kolb Will Find Good Numbers Against Redskins


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb will most likely find good numbers tomorrow against the Washington Redskins like he did last Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.  Problem is, Kolb’s performance may not be good enough no matter what numbers he puts up thanks to the Cards secondary, which looks to improve on the 422 yards they allowed to Cam Newton.

Rex Grossman should have a good day.  It will be interesting to see what gameplan has been put together.  Maybe going back east yesterday instead of today will give the Cards some extra prep time.  I don’t know the answer.  Only the Cards have the answer and will give it to us on the field in the morning.

The difference once again will be turnovers.  As I said the other night, I think the Cards will pull this one out and it will come down to the turnover battle.  Ball control will also be important.  The Cards will need to establish a running game in order to do that.

Washington wins if….the Cards can’t stop Grossman and turn the ball over in crucial situations.

Arizona wins if, Kolb puts up his numbers and Beanie Wells does as well.  They must continue with no turnovers.