Kolb to Fitzgerald Connection Alive and Well


Kevin Kolb to Larry Fitzgerald will be just fine.  Neither one of them are the main culprits in today’s loss to the Washington Redskins.  The 73-yard touchdown pass was a thing of beauty.  Hopefully that will be something we get used to seeing quite a bit.  What was even more impressive about that play was he caught Fitz wide open as he was hurried and almost was unable to get rid of the ball.  The pass still hit the nail on the head.

You can’t help but smile thinking what a bright future those two may have hooking up multiple times a week. The main problem will continue to be the offensive line.  Can the offensive line of the Arizona Cardinals give Kolb enough time to find not only Fitz but the other receivers as well?  I have my doubts.

Kolb only found Todd Heap once, Early Doucet twice.  It really was something to see Fitz make seven grabs in light of the fact almost everyone targets double or tripling coverage on Fitz.  That is a testament to Kolb being able to read defenses properly.  I think people forget that even though Kolb had only started seven games, he’s been in this league several years and been a part of some prolific offenses in Philadelphia.  The difference now is he is the main guy running the offense now.  Kolb will be just fine and in part he can thank Fitz for that.