Five Keys to the Cards Beating the Vikings


The Arizona Cardinals head north this Sunday to face the winless Minnesota Vikings.  That could be a scary proposition since the Vikings are winless.  They are an 0-4 team that easily could be 4-0.  Problem is, they make them play second halves.  The Cards problem is they make them play 60 minutes.  if they had to play 55-58 minutes, the Cards would be 3-1 at worst.  It is what it is though.  Here are the top five keys to the Cards beating the Vikings on Sunday.

1. Run the ball:  Beanie Wells ran the ball 27 times last week for 138 yards.  That needs to continue, of course along with the passing game top create a balanced attack

2. More than one read:  Kevin Kolb does get into a rut sometimes making just one read.  He needs to look for his secondary receivers.

3. Offensive line protection:  The Vikings pass rush is something else.  Jared Allen is on fire this season.  The Cards offensive line has been pretty much just that – offensive.  It could be a long day.  Protect Protect Protect.

4. Proper play calling:  You can’t go for it on the 20 on fourth and 1 and then make it to the 10 and not do the same in the same situation.  It creates mixed signals.  Third and 11 also is not a time to run a two-yard out route.

5. The intangibles: Limit penalties and turnovers, make plays on special teams.  It will all have to come together to come away with a win.