Arizona Cardinals Kevin Kolb Not the Best in the NFC West


The Arizona Cardinals brought quarterback Kevin Kolb in via trade from the Philadelphia Eagles with the hopes he would end up being the best quarterback in the NFC.  Now, as we sit just before the start of week six of the NFL, Kolb isn’t even the best quarterback in the NFC West.  That title belongs to Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49’ers.  Alex Smith?  Yep, that’s right with his quarterback rating of 104.1, Smith is hands down the best quarterback in the NFC West.  Kolb has a rating of 77.2.

Kolb so far has five touchdowns, which is just two less than Smith, however Kolb has thrown six interceptions through five games.  Smith has thrown just one pick.  The difference?  Smith has been patient looking for his receivers.  Kolb has been in a hurry to get rid of his balls, frequently only making one read before letting the ball go.

This is not to say things won’t change.  There is still a lot of season left to play, including five divisional games and two of them against the Niners.  I also can’t see Smith keeping up the pace he is currently on.  As I’ve mentioned before though, it should be next season we really judge Kolb, when he has had the chance to experience a full off-season of work with the Cards.

I still think Kolb though ends up as the best in the NFC West this season.  Even if he doesn’t though, I really think with a lot of off-season work, 2012 will be a different story.  I’m still interested in the 2011 story for now though.