Cardinals Keys to Victory Over the Steelers


The Arizona Cardinals do have a chance to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.  I know not many of you give them a chance, but I’m a fan and a believer.  Forget the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes.  First of all, the Cards aren’t going after Andrew Luck no matter how they finish out the season.  Kevin Kolb is going to be the quarterback for the Cards in 2012.  Secondly, you play to win, not to lose and get better later.  That is such a stupid way of thinking.  You should be playing to win no matter how realistic the chances are.  That being said, the Cards have realistic chances at beating the Steelers.

First, the Cards must establish a run game.  Beanie Wells can have a big game.  If he does, the Cards control the ball and keep it out of the Steelers offense’s hands.

The Cards must get to the quarterback.  Ben Roethlisberger is a hard man to bring down.  The Cards lack an explosive pass rush, however they have the players that have the potential to be explosive.

Stop the Steelers offense.  Receiver Mike Wallace could have a field day in a beat up Cards defensive secondary.  If he catches the ball watch out, he could be running awhile.

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