Kevin Kolb Listed As Questionable


The return of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb against his former team this Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles, is questionable.  As of right now all signs point to John Skelton starting.  My best guess is if Kolb can plant that foot and it feels ok on Sunday morning, he’s going to give it a try.  If he can’t, then he will probably be inactive and not chance it as the backup.

The Cards aren’t going to say whether Kolb is out or not till Sunday morning.  It is probably the best move, however given he didn’t practice this week, I give his chances of being inactive better than not.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt did say earlier this week no practice did not necessarily mean no play, which has been pretty much his M.O. since coming to Arizona.  This is different though.  Skelton’s play last week notwithstanding, I still think Kolb gives the Cards the best chance to win, whatever chance that is.

It could be a rough day in Philly for Skelton.  He is going into a very tough environment.  He is a tough kid, however, it is easy to get rattled in such a place with the type of fans the Eagles have.  Kolb will be in familiar territory, so I find it hard to see him getting rattled.  Now, running for his life, yes.  Home and away, the offensive line is just as bad.  I suspect it will be a very long day on Sunday.

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