Patrick Peterson, No Longer a Secret, Still Baffling Special Teams Units


Arizona Cardinals cornerback and punt returner Patrick Peterson returned his fourth punt for a touchdown of the season this afternoon against the St. Louis Rams.  It was an 80-yard return in the third quarter.  All four of his punt return TD’s have gone for at least 80 yards.  I thought the secret was already out.  If it wasn’t before, it is now.  Peterson’s efforts today tie the NFL record for most punt returns for a TD in a season.

The thing is, you can still kick to him and cover him.  Punters can’t out-kick their coverage though.  If you give Peterson at least five yards, he’s going to give a return a try.  Take that to the bank because Peterson has even said so himself.   If you want to kick away from him, that would be the smarter move.  I’m not sure the NFL will get that memo though.

Hey, it’s all good by me if they keep kicking to me.  For most of the day today it had appeared the Rams had good coverage on Peterson.  All he needs though is a little room.  Give him an extra inch and it could be trouble.

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